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  • Health Hero

    Health Hero

    Setup a fun & free fitness challenge for your company

    - in seconds.

  • Fun health challenges

    It's super easy to join.


    To start, just "Add to Slack"

    To register just say /healthhero register


    To see a glimpse of the leaderboard by steps or workout time, just say /healthhero steps or /healthhero time


    To add 3rd party health apps & devices (Ex. Apple Health/Watch, Fitbit, Google Fit Runkeeper, etc) just say /healthhero apps


    For the full list of commands just say /healthhero help


  • Features & Benefits

    Health App & Device Integrations. All of them.

    We integrate with all leading health apps & fitness devices. Apple Health, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, Google Fit, Misfit, MapMyFitness, Garmin and Runkeeper just to name some. Don't see an app or device we integrate with? Just drop us a line...


    Wellness Challenges
    - on demand

     Compete. Connect. Encourage.

    Connect your favorite health app or fitness device. Compete with your co-workers and have a blast in the process.

    It's Personal
    - let's go

    Made by passionate people determined to ensure you are encouraged and supported daily. Health Hero makes sure its a personal experience, so you are getting simple relevant information about your office wellness competition, at the right time.

  • Premium tier coming soon

    Contact us about full health engagement programs.

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